Architectural Stonemasonry offers a wide array of services under the following categories:

Fabrication of natural stone or rock that is by machine or hand tools

The company produces ashlar walling in thick and thin veneer for both commercial and residential projects, including the building or the landscaping. Stone is dimensioned to meet architectural or designer specifications whether the design is traditional with classical trims and detailing or modern with clean lines.

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Dimensional Stone Fabrication-300x200

Floral and decorative relief carving and sculptural work

ASM is proficient in relief carving for floral decorative panels whether it is large or small scale projects. These detaills embellish a building or a particular structure. The designs reflect the various styles of architecture and the personalized wishes of the client. The sculptural elements can be figurative or natural, monumental or personal.

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stone sculpting

Modern to Gothic Fireplaces carved in all stones

Fireplace mantels can be fabricated to meet the simplest surround or complex design so that it becomes part of the furniture of the room. The mantels are fabricated in solid masonry whether in Limestone, sandstone or marble. Fireplaces can be fabricated to the customers designs or designed for the client.

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Carved Elaborate Fireplace-300x200

Large carved memorials in granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and slate

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ASM installs its own stonework, if requested, Installation by fully qualified and experienced stonemasons

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ASM’s staff are trained in conservation and restoration of Heritage buildings both in N.America and Europe

Conservation can vary from re-pointing of stonework to replacement of part of the structure. Working in conjunction with Heritage consultants on the restoration and preservation of old buildings.

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All ASM shop drawings are in house

ASM provides a full shop drawing service. All drawings are computer generated, and for the purpose of providing the architect and client with a comprehensive and detailed look at the complexity of the work prior to fabrication. Shop drawings also generated for installers.

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Drawings for floral or sculptural work are both traditionally hand drawn and computer generated

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